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XFINITY TV set to roll into several markets

XFINITY iPad appComcast plans to expand their new XFINITY brand into several more cities before the second quarter of 2011.

Large metropolitan areas like Detroit, Houston, Memphis and Pittsburgh, will get to experience XFINITY TV for the first time.

That means that in Detroit, Eminem, Kid Rock and their neighbors will be able to watch movies and TV shows through the XFINITY TV app on their iPad.

Mary Lou RettonAnd celebrities that call Houston home, like Olympic gold medal winning gymnast Mary Lou Retton and former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, will be able to set their DVRs to record shows like “Jersey Shore” on their iPhones when they are away from their house.

Soon, Morgan Freeman and Justin Timberlake will get more HD channels than ever before, along with other Memphis residents.

And fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers will be able to take solace in their Super Bowl loss by watching some of the 20,000 movie titles in XFINITY’s On Demand library.


Comcast celebrates Black History Month on XFINITY

Black History MonthComcast announced earlier this month in a press release that their XFINITY TV cable brand would be celebrating Black History Month in February with special programming through their on-demand video. They’re also commemorating their one-year anniversary of launching Black Cinema On Demand, which is dedicated to the celebration of black films, black actors and black filmmakers. They’ll be showing award-winning films like The Color Purple and Amistad over the month of February. Look up XFINITY’s programming in your area to see what they offer.

Comcast’s Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Payne Brown, said, “Comcast is proud to celebrate Black History Month with special programming that highlights the many accomplishments, experiences, and perspectives of African Americans. After launching Black Cinema On Demand just one year ago, we are excited about building on that foundation to increase the quality and diversity of African American programming across multiple platforms for our customers.”

Some of the films that will be featured are:

  • Spike LeeAntwone Fisher – Directed by and starring Denzel Washington
  • Blood Diamond – Starring Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Boyz in the Hood – Directed by John Singleton, starring Cuba Gooding Jr.
  • The Color Purple – Starring Whoopi Goldberg
  • Death at a Funeral – Starring Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence and Tracy Morgan
  • For Colored Girls – Directed by Tyler Perry
  • Friday – Starring Chris Tucker and Ice Cube
  • The Last King of Scotland – Starring Forest Whitaker
  • Jackie Brown – Directed by Quentin Tarantino
  • Lillies of the Field – Starring Sidney Poitier
  • Pride – Starring Terrence Howard
  • Ray – Starring Jamie Foxx
  • Director Spike Lee’s films:
    • She’s Gotta Have It
    • Miracle at St. Anna
    • A Huey P. Newton Story
    • Crooklyn

Some of the documentaries they’ll be presenting include: Barack Obama – A Man and His Journey; Brick City; The Injustice Files; MLK Boulevard; Kareem Abdul -Jabbar’s On the Shoulder of Giants; and Roots: The Mini Series.

And finally, some of the biographies will profile the following people: Maya Angelou;Halle Berry; Bill Cosby; Jamie Foxx; Aretha Franklin; Barack Obama; Queen Latifah; Condoleezza Rice and Stevie Wonder.

Check out XFINITY broadcasting in your area.

XFINITY becomes new cable brand for Comcast

Comcast XFINITY logoYou may have noticed that the word “Comcast” has been replaced in many places with the word “XFINITY” over the past year or so. But what exactly does that mean? Some probably thought a competing company called XFINITY bought Comcast. And some probably thought that Comcast just changed their name completely. Let’s set your mind at ease. XFINITY is just the new name for Comcast’s cable brand. It’s a whole new brand for a new technology platform and products. This new brand will serve as a foundation for Comcast’s customers, allowing them more options in high-definition (HD) television and more speed.

It’s like adding a second more powerful engine on an already fast speed boat!

Check pricing and available of XFINITY from Comcast in your area.

XFINITY TV, XFINITY Voice and XFINITY Internet are the new names for Comcast’s rebranded products in available areas. Those three products are available as one bundled offering called, “XFINITY Triple Play.” That deal comes for one low price, which is cheaper than all three products on their own.

With XFINITY Internet, you’ll get the fastest availabledownload speeds , which will allow you to stream HD movies and TV shows without buffering or waiting. This service also includes online security for no extra charge, featuring Norton Security Suite, one of the top-rated online security systems around.

And for your television, XFINITY TV has well over 3,000 HD movies. And the number of On-Demand HD television shows make them one of the leaders in the industry. Also available through On Demand is an ever-expanding library of 3D movies and sports. It’s pretty obvious that Comcast’s XFINITY brand continues to keep them ahead of the pack.

For those needing home phone service, XFINITY Voice includes unlimited long-distance and local calling with crystal clear clarity, in the United States, up north in Canada and down south in Puerto Rico.

XFINITYNeed access from your phone? XFINITY has you covered

XFINITY’s new Mobile app is just one more way that Comcast makes people’s lives simpler, in times — most would agree — that seem to be increasingly busy. You are able to get the application on iPhones, the Android and now, you can even get it on the iPad. You can also manage your XFINITY account from your smart phone, which enables you to view your latest invoice, set up automatic payments or just make a one-time payment.

Also, a great new feature is Comcast’s XFINITY TV app that allows you to change the channels on any TV in the house connected to an XFINITY box, or you can just access TV listings. This essentially makes your phone an extra remote control. That means no more missing out on shows because you were away from your house adn you forgot to program your DVR! You can remotely program it to record any show from one of the cable packages you signed up for.

XFINITY TV might be a new name, but just consider it an even better extension of the already great Comcast brand. Check to see Comcast’s prices for XFINITY in your area.